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The most romantic restaurants in San Francisco, according to OpenTable

Photo by Dianne de Guzman

Despite the fact that San Francisco didn’t rank nationally for romantic restaurants in OpenTable’s 100 Most Romantic Restaurants of 2017, that doesn’t mean the city is completely devoid of cozy restaurants to impress your SO.

In fact, OpenTable gave us its top 10 most romantic restaurants in San Francisco, which it sorts monthly to reveal new restaurants.

A few “usual suspects” are part of this month’s roundup, which was to be expected, but there are a few gems here that may not have come to mind at first, but are worth a visit.

While it might be too late to grab something for Valentine’s Day, this could be the perfect list to keep in your back pocket for another special occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or even a romantic “just because” dinner, browse the slideshow above for inspiration — but don’t doze off on reservations, okay?

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And if you’ve outgrown the idea of ​​dining out as part of Valentine’s Day plans, we’ve got some alternative plans for you here.