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Stone Delicious IPA, a birria flatbread and a Claudia Sandoval | Restaurants

Birria flatbread Stone World Bistro & Gardens is one of those dishes that disappears in minutes. On this podcast, we stick to it. Poke it. Tear it down with Chef Israel Ortiz. It’s the kick off for our new video series with Stone, which will spotlight a few local restaurants and our favorite dishes that their cooks, chefs and foodies have created. It’s a celebration of Stone’s Delicious IPA. After years of tinkering with the recipe for the ultimate beer that goes well with food, Delicious is the result.

Izzy tells us what makes flatbread sing, and we explain how the birria overtook the fish taco as San Diego’s official food.

Our other guest?

She worked at a branding agency in San Diego. At corporate events, she would bring her salsa. Everyone loved it. On a lark she tried to be a competitor on Chef-that massive cooking contest on TV with Gordon Ramsey. She told her work she would be gone for a bit. She was not allowed to tell them anything about how she was doing on the show. As her absence became longer and longer, her company had to let her go.

She returned home, unemployed, and could not tell anyone what had happened. She had won. She would receive the check for $250,000 in six months. Until then, no money, no job, a young girl at home, a single mother.

Six months later, she received the check for $250,000. She had won. She’s Claudia Sandoval—friend, talented chef, Richter scale personality, judge on Latin chefand with her own Food Network travelogue series now, taste of the borderin which she visits chefs, farm workers and restaurant professionals along the US-Mexico border.

“The people were so amazing and the food was amazing,” she says of taste of the border. “We meet these migrant workers picking peppers in the heat of New Mexico. At nine in the morning, it was 109. So we got to know these families who live on the farms and hand-pick every Hatch pepper you buy at the grocery store. That’s the guts and soul of the show, plus we explore amazing restaurants.

In this episode, she talks about her filming experience and the things she learned (hint: Mexico’s border regions are the North American epicenters of Chinese cuisine). She explains herself new range of meals delivered the next day (chil rellenos, pork chop adobada, etc.). And we laugh a lot.

In “Hotplates”, we talk about the opening of Sandpiper (in the place that used to be Galaxy Taco), and I give some of the must-try dishes from chefs Trey Foshee and Christine Rivera; talk about new restaurants moving into a renovated historic building in Oceanside by the same people who brought you Louisiana Purchase (Grind and Prosper Hospitality); I report that I’ve finally given up on a lifelong effort to enjoy the charms of college (everyone at the table thinks my mouth is busted); we are talking about the two new restaurants opened by the Young and beautiful and Campfire team (Wildlands and Lilo).

For ‘Two People, Fifty Bucks,’ Chef Izzy Says He Can’t Get Enough Kitchen of Barrio; Troy loves the corn cake and the double-cut pork chop at Sandpiper; and David is all about the North Park Farmers Market Bread KOand other suppliers.

See you next week.