San francisco restaurants

Spots that got a perfect score of 100

Photo by Susana Guerrero

Choosing where to eat in San Francisco can be difficult. But if cleanliness is a prerequisite for your dining needs, we may have just compiled a list of restaurants for you.

We’ve found San Francisco’s cleanest restaurants and businesses in 2017 (so far): Businesses that scored a perfect 100 in their recent health inspections.

Click through the slideshow above to see the SF companies that scored 100 points.

According to the San Francisco Department of Public Health, restaurants that score between 90 and 100 are in “good” operating condition. This means that health inspectors only noticed low-risk violations – if any.

Low-risk breaches pose no immediate risk to public health and safety, the department’s website notes.

You might be pleased to hear that local favorites like Sightglass Coffee, Humphry Slocombe and Farm:Table have landed on the list.

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Additionally, 13 of the companies mentioned have additional bragging rights as they have been recognized with a “Symbol of Excellence”.

Only those who have received “three successive scores of 90% or more with no major violation as indicated in the food inspection report” are credited with this title on the Department of Health website.