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Poll: Majority of San Francisco Restaurants Support Recall Mandate

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Across the Bay Area and across the country, restaurants have been hit especially hard by omicron.

Between staff testing positive or being exposed, many restaurants had to close because they didn’t have enough bodies to run the place.

Doctors have said that being vaccinated and strengthened can really make a difference, but so far there has been no requirement for those who dine to receive this third vaccine.

A new survey reveals, at least in San Francisco, that a majority of restaurants would not be opposed to the idea.

The new Golden Gate Restaurant Association survey finds half would support a mandate that all customers over the age of 12 have a reminder to dine indoors.

“About 50% would favor a city mandate or a broader geographic mandate, 25% were still undecided as of last week. I’m sure that has changed with the new data,” Laurie Thomas said.

While currently the city requires restaurants to verify that customers are vaccinated, the city only recommends that restaurants verify recalls and without the warrant, most restaurants in San Francisco go no further.

“Unless it’s on a broad level it’s a level playing field so customers and everyone else knows what to expect, it’s hard to be successful and it causes a lot of stress on your staff, so I I’m hopeful if we go in this direction of redefining what full vaccination is, hopefully it’s on a much broader geographic level than San Francisco,” Thomas said.

However, a handful of restaurants in San Francisco have gone ahead on their own by requiring what the CDC calls up-to-date vaccinations to be the Zuni restaurant.

“For us, it made sense that we ask people to document that they have gone as far as health experts recommend. If they’re able to act on the advice, that’s where the information comes to us and that’s what guides our decision-making,” said Nate Norris.

So far, Zuni hasn’t had to shut down for omicron.

They attribute this to this policy as well as a rigorous testing and masking program for its staff.