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No one seems to know what this year’s “summer drink” is.

According to a Tweeter from Grub Street there is “no drink of the summer” and “people tried to make dirty shirley but it never took.” Described by Food Network as an “adult” Shirley Temple, the Dirty Shirley has soda and vodka as its main components. With a strong resemblance to the summer drinks of the past two years, this might look like the summer drink of 2022.

The Dirty Shirley was called the “unofficial” drink by HuffPost given its massive popularity on TikTok. Better homes and gardens makes a similar observation. Initiated also hailed it as the drink of the season, even saying it “should be here to stay” beyond summer. Except no.

The New York Times reportedly dubbed the espresso martini as the repeat winner before revoking its title (via food street), freeing up a spot for Dirty Shirley to take her place. Despite such promise, the cocktail has run out of steam, at least for some people. food street interviewed hospitality workers, including a bartender. for an overview of summer bestsellers. They gave a variety of responses, including an enthusiastic “rosé on ice”! with midori sour and natural wine. Enjoy your meal with sangrias and mint juleps added to the growing list of possibilities. Without a clear verdict, Bon Appétit suggested drinking “all you want this summer” – liberating advice as refreshing as a summer drink.