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Michelin Guide 2021: These San Francisco restaurants win the Bib Gourmands

This has been a long hiatus from any updates to the Michelin restaurant guide. Michelin stars for fine dining and the more informal and affordable Bib Gourmands were last awarded in 2019 when the Bay Area received an impressive 62 stars and 72 bib gourmands. Michelin went on hiatus in 2020 given the pandemic, so it’s now been a good two years since the guide was updated – although there were a few teasers, when Michelin paid homage to Horn Barbecue in Oakland and Ettan in Palo Alto, among others, before the official awards.

But now, the stars and the bibs are back. Today, September 22, the California guide was updated with a new set of Bib Gourmands. There are 45 new Bib Gourmands just announced in the state of California and 20 locals in the Bay Area, including Sacramento. As a reminder, the Bib Gourmands define themselves as “restaurants [that] offer a complete menu consisting of an appetizer, a main course and a dessert, allowing you to order two dishes and a glass of wine or a dessert for around $40 or less (taxes and tip not included).

Keep in mind that 20 isn’t the final total – these are just the new bibs for this year, and Michelin will follow up with the full guide next week, including all the restaurants that saved their bibs from there. two years. But congratulations to the newcomers, and Bay Area locals will be pumping up some hometown favorites, including these explosive thin-skinned soup dumplings from Dumpling House, the chili verde tacos and tostadas from Tacos Oscar, Umma’s Korean Fried Chicken Wings, and you knew this one was coming – the legendary Horn Barbecue smoked brisket and ribs. Consult the list of new arrivals below, and click on the Michelin site if you want the guide’s explanations.

  1. ASA South (Los Gatos)
  2. Dumpling House (San Francisco)
  3. FAB Kitchen (Oakland)
  4. Folk table (Sonoma)
  5. Horn BBQ (Oakland)
  6. iTalico (Palo Alto)
  7. Khom Loi (Sevastopol)
  8. Los Carnalitos (Redwood City)
  9. New Dumpling (El Cerrito)
  10. Nixtaco (Sacramento)
  11. Life Range (Livermore)
  12. Road (San Francisco)
  13. Spinning Bones (Alameda)
  14. Taquería El Paisa (Oakland)
  15. Tacos Oscar (Oakland)
  16. Tony’s Seafood (Marshall)
  17. Cuisine of the best hatters (San Leandro)
  18. (San Francisco)
  19. Valley (Sonoma)
  20. Yue Huang (Sacramento)

Coming soon: Next week, September 28, there will be a new star round. So stay tuned.