Cooking chefs

Home cooking chefs sharing tips, local recipes

Isolated Australians need not look too far to find out how to bring a restaurant experience home.

Many local chefs are joining the trend of streaming cooking classes online, via mediums such as Instagram and YouTube, to help people add some spice to their lockdown experience.

“The reason I started doing it was because I had friends two days into quarantine asking me what they were doing for dinner,” Fred’s chef said. , Danielle Alvarez, to 9News.

Australian chefs are taking to the internet to share their culinary secrets during the coronavirus lockdown. (9News)

I think for me, sharing the foods I make at home is really trying to help people.

Ms Alvarez is also happy to recommend other Sydney chefs, such as Mr Wong’s Dan Hong in the city’s CBD.

“He cooks some of the most delicious Asian food,” she said.

She also recommended the “pretty epic” pasta from Ciccabella chef Mitch Orr.

Meanwhile, internationally renowned chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay are also offering online courses, even intriguing professionals like Ms Alvarez.

“There are sneaky little ingredients that they put into things that I think are a little different and out of the ordinary, so I take notes on those items,” she said.