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Here are the best restaurants in San Francisco worth the long wait, according to Yelpers

Sometimes the hallmark of a good restaurant is wait time.

Yelp shared a list of 30 San Francisco restaurants that are guilty of long wait times — but are also the ones people are willing to defend.

You can find the usual suspects like Dottie’s True Blue Café, Brenda’s French Soul Food and Burma Superstar, all of which have been in town for over 10 years.

You’ll also find other spots like newcomer a Mano, an Italian restaurant in Hayes Valley that opened last year but quickly grew in popularity, as evidenced by the typical line of people you’ll see congregating outside. ‘outside.

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Unfortunately, none of the restaurants on the list are accepting reservations, but a few places allow customers to add themselves to the waitlist remotely through the Yelp app. Customers can also join the waitlist in person and then track their status through the app.

Companies that offer this feature include Takoba SF and Chez Maman, which allow customers to add themselves remotely, and Marufuku Ramen and a Mano, which require customers to add themselves to the waitlist in person.

The methodology used for this list was based on restaurants that don’t take reservations, have full service, have been open for at least a year, and have a minimum of 3.5 stars. Then, the spots were ranked based on many factors, including total volume and review ratings that mentioned “wait” or “queue.”

Take a look at the slideshow above to see how many of these San Francisco restaurants you’ve been waiting for.

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