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Copycat Restaurant Recipes – Famous Restaurant Recipes

I love hearty restaurant recipes with nostalgic overtones, like the ones in this roundup. They take inspiration from some of the most popular menu items past (and present) and it’s become an obsession to get the original recipes to sample on the spot!

start with Captain Crunch Chickenwhich was a famous menu item of Planet Hollywood by Sylvester Stallone 80s restaurant. The fried chicken has a sweet coating and became addictive from the first bite. Dipped in homemade honey mustard, it was a flavor staple.

If you want to try the famous NY style pizza, don’t miss Pizzaria O’Scugnizzo in North Utica, New York. They are known for this upside down pizza and it is truly unique in every way as the toppings go on the crust before the cheese and the sauce. It’s crazy good! Speaking of Utica, New York, and famous foods, Strawberry Cheesecake from Manny’s Cheesecake was the best cheesecake I’ve ever had – and I’ve tried many! Sadly, the 50-year-old restaurant legend is no longer around, which is why you should try this hearty cheesecake recipe even more.

Then until today and LongHorn Steakhouse Parmesan grilled chicken. A fabulous smothered chicken recipe that is served with melted cheese, tossed with ranch dressing and a crispy parmesan topping that melts in your mouth tender and delicious.

No meal would be complete without dessert don’t you think? So let’s go for BJ’s Brewery for their “Pizookia warm macadamia nut cookie sundae that’s decadent and heavenly. Heading south, at most restaurants in the Carolinas, you’ll find a delicious chocolate skillet cookie on the menu that’s comfort food. Speaking of comfort food, Dole Pineapple Whisk found at Walt Disney World is the most refreshing frozen confection already. Finally, for any time of day and a special treat, who can resist a big slice of this luscious and moist lemon bread at Starbucks?

As this recipe roundup shows, imitation recipes are fun to make and eat. Plus, they bring back great memories, while creating new ones with their friends and family. Whether you’re looking for creative foods to make with the kids or want to try foods from places you’ve never been, these hearty restaurant recipes are all part of the story. Don’t forget to pin your favorites to try later!

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