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Best meal kits from San Francisco restaurants: Birdsong, Gozu and more

We don’t know what day of the week it is (besides, it’s still January, right?), but we’re sure we’re sick of eating the weird Trader Joe frozen foods we desperately thrown into our carts when we were first ordered to shelter in place. Fortunately, delivery and takeout provided some variety, but it turns out you can’t (or probably shouldn’t) exist on pizza delivery alone. The middle ground here is getting one of the amazing meal kits available for pickup and delivery from top restaurants in San Francisco – like a place with three Michelin stars, the best bagel spot in SF, a delicious Mexican place, and more.

cow hollow
Just because we’re all locked up in our homes doesn’t mean we have to suffer from a shortage of three Michelin star meals. You can’t eat eggs and martinis every night. If you need to sate your craving for cooking from one of the world’s top chefs, you can order Atelier Crenn’s “Crenn Kits”, which “bring comforting meals from the kitchen of Dominique Crenn straight to your doorstep. “. Even better, while it would cost you around $350 per person (before wine) to dine at the restaurant, a Crenn kit, which includes Blue Belle Farm vegetable soup, vegetable parmentier gratin, sliced ​​brioche and a dessert is only $38 for one. If you want to feel fancier, you can upgrade to a “plus” meal for $55.
How to order: You can order online, but beware: there is already a waiting list. Sure.


You’ll have to wait until we’re allowed back into the world again to enjoy Avery’s nine-course Cal-Asian tasting menu, but in the meantime, you can order a dinner meal kit that includes some classic dishes. There is a home cooking element to the meal, as it allows the dishes to be enjoyed as they were meant to be (ambience and service aside), but that just adds to the enjoyment (hopefully the). The $45 per person menu includes farmhouse salad, tortellini in broth, oversized cheese pie and cookies. There’s also a weekend-only menu ($55), which is a bit more indulgent and has some amazing add-ons, like a wagyu katsu sandwich, caviar, and tater tots. If not now when?
How to order: Dinners are available from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Friday and Saturday “after dark” orders are available until 8:00 p.m. Delivery is available for an additional $20 “premium delivery service” charge, or you can pick it up at the restaurant. Order both online.

Bird's song
Courtesy of Birdsong

Birdsong consistently comes up with innovative dishes inspired by a time when meals were cooked around an open fire, but with an upscale modern twist (it’s still San Francisco, after all). But, for a while anyway, the restaurant gets a little more intimate and southern with its “Birdbox” for one or two ($35 and $50), a dinner that includes fried chicken, cornbread and cookies. . Add decadent apple pie and wine because…well, we don’t need to explain why. If you can, please add staff gratuity, which goes directly to the people who help keep things running.
How to order: Delivery orders can be made on Caviar and pickup orders can be made on Resy.

The Spanish restaurant known for its tapas and selection of imported gourmet products offers a selection of kits and boxes, including DIY paella kits for two or four ($25 to $52), a brunch kit with fresh fruit sliced, eggs, scrambled toppings, buttermilk pancake batter, thick bacon, coffee or tea, bread with homemade butter and jam and recipes ($49), and Golden Gate Meat and Canela butcher’s box ($89), a fruit and vegetable box for two ($49), a food box ($85), and a Spanish cheese and wine experience ($59). The boxes are accompanied by recipes and you can also add a selection of wines.
How to order: All kits are pick-up only (until 9 p.m. daily) and can be ordered online here. Just want hot, ready-to-eat paella and tapas? Canela also offers its regular menu for delivery via Caviar.

SF daily driver
SF daily driver

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Daily Driver’s organic wood-fired bagels, homemade churned butter and cream cheese probably cured a lot of hangovers before all this virus sent us all home. There’s a small (big) chance you’ll still need a satisfying breakfast to recover from last night’s “fun”, which is why the bagelerie offers meal kits, including a “package pantry” ($45) with bagels, eggs, pickled vegetables, and coffee (and a chance to add spreads), and an artisan cheese platter kit ($35). You can also order brioche rolls, half a dozen bagels, a variety of cream cheeses and goat cheese, and a few other things including wine. Redeem Code STAY WELL10 to get 10% off your order of $50 or more. (Be sure to check out the weekend DIY pizza kits, too.)
How to order: Order online through Tock for pickup or delivery.

Jackson Square
It’s not a good time to be handed the reins of a restaurant for just a year, but chef Jordan Guevara is taking matters into his own hands and has converted Nico’s Gap Year into a French take-out and restaurant operation. delivery of comfort food, with at-home meal kits. There are two meal kits each week, a protein kit ($49 per person) and a plant-based kit ($38 per person), each containing a starter, main and dessert, and comes with instructions of reheating. Extras are also available, such as a grilled cheese with black trumpet, a cheese plate, as well as wine and cocktails. Celebrate something special? Gap Year at Nico also has special packages that will get you in the mood…or at least inspire you to settle in and finally watch that movie that’s been on your bucket list for years.
How to order: Take-out orders are available through Tock from 4-7 p.m., Tuesday-Saturday.

Gozu | Courtesy of Joseph Weaver

You can get as much meat from the pop-up A-Five Meats in Gozu. And when we say “meat,” we mean meat that’s fancy as shit and so appetizing that no words would suffice. How to make this happen? Well, first you’re going to need $600. (If you don’t have $600, skip to the end; there’s an option for you, too.) That sounds like a lot, but it’s actually HALF what you would normally pay to receive 31 pieces of fresh produce. , never-frozen meat which includes: four 8 oz Japanese wagyu strips, two 8 oz Sher Family wagyu fillets, 20 6 oz Angus skirt steaks, four 16-18 oz dry-aged angus rib eye and six 8 oz wagyu cubes (ideal for skewers). Wondering how to eat all that meat before it spoils? No. The product will last three weeks in the fridge and (like you haven’t finished it by then) can also be frozen for up to two months. You can also order meat, salt, and spices a la carte for pick-up if dropping $600 seems a bit expensive right now.
How to order: Order online for delivery and allow three to six days from selected order date for arrival, or pickup in Gozu from 2-6 p.m. on select dates.

Union Square
Fact: There is nothing in the whole world that will make you forget about contagious viruses quite like Mastro’s famous butter cake. Of course, to enjoy this famous butter cake, in the best possible way, you will have to order a complete set of “Dine at Home Steak Kit”, but we think you can suffer from it. Each kit ($82.50 for two and $132 for four) includes a Caesar salad, an 8-ounce raw tenderloin for each person (to cook at home), a choice of two sides, and the butter cake. “Stage” things up ($121 for two and $242 for four) by adding the lobster mashed potatoes or lobster macaroni and cheese and a choice of steak. Mastro’s also offers a bunch of its meat to scoop if you’d rather skip all the sides and dessert. Get 10% off if you pick it up yourself, and check which wines are on offer at 50% off, because you really can’t have a steak without wine.
How to order: Order online for collection or delivery between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Corridor Divisadero
You can still order the famous Nopa burger (and a few other items) to go, but Nopa is really focused on selling kits you can make at home (cooking instructions are included). Choose from a Country Pork Chop ($16), Vegetarian or Bolognese Pasta Kit ($18), or Organic Grocery Box ($40), plus a few other options. Add wine, beer or a whiskey sour for three. Want to pay it forward? While placing your order, you can sponsor a meal for laid-off staff ($10-$100).
How to order: Nopa only offers pickup, which can be ordered online and is available Tuesday through Sunday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.


western addition
What we all need now more than ever is Mexican food, so thank goodness Nopalito is open for pickup and delivery, including hot and served meal kits (pickup only) which are $40 and feed two. Each kit includes a choice of four entrees, including carnitas con salsa cruda and curtido and chicken pibil con salsa habanero, as well as Mexican rice, whole Rancho Gordo beans and corn tortillas. You can also add fries and guac, ceviche, pozole, and a few other dishes and sides. Want to help a member of the Nopalito family? Add $20 to buy them a box of groceries.
How to order: Meal kits are available for pickup Thursday-Saturday 2-7pm and Sunday 11am-3pm and can be ordered online.

Chef Anthony Strong was one of the first chefs/owners to realize that he needed to pivot his business as soon as possible to not only survive in this new world, but also to keep his staff employed. Prairie is now a temporary general store with all the pantry items you could want, plus tons of prepared items and meal kits. Stock up on the basics and get a tasty meal (and a signature cocktail) to enjoy at the same time.
How to order: Order online for curbside pickup or delivery.

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