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Aish and Jewlish Enter Strategic Partnership, Establishing Aish as the World’s Leading Jewish Food Media Brand

Aish and Jewish announced a strategic partnership making Jewlish’s immensely popular content available to’s global audience. Jewlish is a food and cultural lifestyle brand with nearly 2 million subscribers and a subsidiary of Kosher Network International (KNi), the leading kosher media company founded by Jamie Geller and serial entrepreneur Henry Kauftheil.

Jamie Geller also joined the Aish team in 2020 as Director of Media and Marketing, with the aim of bringing her digital media expertise to the greater online Jewish world, as a key part of AishVision. 2030. Aish’s new 10-year strategic plan is focused on creating cultural change to put Jewish learning back at the center of Jewish expression, through an innovative and disruptive approach to making timeless Jewish wisdom engaging and engaging. accessible.

A central strategy of Aish’s new plan to engage 3 million Jews in Jewish learning includes creating a new global Jewish media group, streamlining the Aish brand, and growing digital presence and partnerships. strategies of Aish. This new strategic partnership is an important step in achieving this goal.

“I have been touched by the tremendous response to our Jewish culinary content from all corners of the world,” said Jamie Geller. “In Jewish culture for millennia, food has always been a dynamic backdrop for the pursuit of individual and communal meaning and self-knowledge. We eat together and we can grow together. It’s so incredibly meaningful and rewarding for me personally to be able to bring these two companies together to engage even more people in exploring all things kosher/food, but now, as a portal to many other Jewish topics and ideas .

Jewlish is a food-only brand within Kosher Network International, the world’s most-watched Jewish food network with 1 billion views and an audience of 5 million. This partnership allows Aish to leverage Jewlish’s expertise in developing highly engaging content and leverage its rapidly growing embedded audience, which currently includes:

  • 1,850,000 Facebook followers
  • 76,000 Instagram followers
  • 68,000 Pinterest followers
  • 61,000 TikTok followers
  • 14,500 YouTube subscribers

Tamar Genger, Managing Editor of Kosher Network International, will join Jamie Geller at Aish as Managing Editor, applying her fifteen years of health and nutrition expertise as well as editorial and digital marketing experience.

Jamie Geller

“We founded KNi with the express vision and mission of providing the Jewish community with a connection to their culture and identity through food and culinary traditions,” said Henry Kauftheil, President of KNi. “This new partnership allows us to further that mission, making a direct connection to Jewish wisdom through Aish’s expertise in content and education.”

Rabbi Burg, CEO of Aish adds; “I knew Jamie Geller’s arrival as the new Director of Media and Marketing meant utilizing all of the knowledge and experience she gained in the Jewish media sphere at Aish. AishVision2030 is so vast. The only way to successfully put Jewish learning back at the center of the expression of Jewish exploration and identity is to work cooperatively as a global Jewish community. Strategic partnerships like our new agreement with Jewlish help us reach millions around the world with compelling, relevant and timely Jewish wisdom. I am thrilled and honored to welcome the Jewlish team to our global community of Jewish educators and content creators.